Off-Grid Ocean Living aboard Sovereign Ships ushers in The Next Level of Freedom

PENSACOLA, Sep. 13, 2022 – Born early this year, Sovereign Ships offers self-sufficient, ocean-going yachts motivated by the desire to maximize personal freedom. These all-electric ships feature solar panels, interior gardens, and water treatment systems that eliminate the need to refuel or resupply.

Recent events such as lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, travel restrictions, and wars have proven that personal freedom is always under attack and emphasized its importance. Motivated to advance said freedom while simultaneously increasing quality of life, Ben Woodason created an independent environment which became the basis of Sovereign Ships. The Florida company offers self-sufficient, ocean-going homes that enable nomadic, off-grid lifestyles.

The Sovereign Sphere is an oasis on the seas featuring 360-degree views.

Sovereign Ships provides everything needed to live comfortably on the ocean:

  • Energy on demand: solar panels and wind turbines generate while battery banks store and distribute power;
  • Eat and live as desired: interior gardens and water treatment systems supplement, or replace, grocery stores;
  • Minimal maintenance: electric drivetrains require minimal servicing; 
  • Stable and secure: all ships are CE-A (ocean) certified vessels. 
  • Unparalleled designs: inspired by science fiction.

On top of offering means to live on the ocean, Sovereign Ships excel in unique, sci-fi-inspired designs.

I came up with the idea after leaving the Air Force and contemplating what kind of a lifestyle would maximize personal freedom. I kept thinking about all the futuristic, sci-fi space travelers that I had seen and decided I could adapt that lifestyle for today by bringing things down closer to earth. So Sovereign Ships are essentially spaceships without their warp engines.

Ben WoodasonFounder and CEO of Sovereign Ships

Ben Woodason – Sovereign Ships Founder and CEO

Sovereign Ships believes that the world is a better place when individuals have the freedom and the ability to control their destinies. To facilitate this, it helps when they are financially, geographically, and politically independent to the maximum extent possible. Sovereign Ships provides this independence by enabling mobile, self-sufficient, ocean-going lifestyles aboard their ships.

Our ships are simple, practical, and comfortable; designed to maximize structural integrity, solar panel area, exterior views, garden space, ergonomics, and value.


About Sovereign Ships

Sovereign Ships is a residential yacht startup based in Pensacola, Florida and launched in March of 2022 by Ben Woodason. It offers eight yacht designs that feature solar panels, interior gardens, water treatment systems, and unique sci-fi-inspired designs. The company plans to build its first ship, the Sovereign Starter, in 2023.

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