Yong couple dressed casually, wearing sun glasses, smiling and walking side by side at the beach.

our self-sufficient yacht concept

Sovereign Ships provides solar-electric yachts with interior gardens.

Our mission is to inspire and enable the next level of freedom by creating self-sufficient, ocean-going homes.

These homes will empower occupants to live and travel comfortably without having to refuel or resupply.

Yong couple dressed casually, wearing sun glasses, smiling and walking side by side at the beach.

Our Ships Are

SIMPLE – Controlled and maintained by a single operator.

SENSIBLE – As near to entry-level price as practicable.

STURDY – Well suited to handle the marine environment.

SAFE – Meet or exceed CE-A (ocean-going) standards.

SOVEREIGN – Capable of sustaining occupants at sea.

Providing the next level of freedom for:


Sovereign Ships each house gardens to provide sustenance for their occupants. These gardens are:

  • Raised for ease, comfort, and ample storage below.
  • Sheltered to assure plant survival.
  • Located advantageously to maximize views.
  • Stationed where they will be visited frequently.
  • Dirt-based garden option
    • Uses Square-Foot-Gardening method.
    • Feeds 1 person per 32 ft² (3.0 m²).
  • Aeroponic garden option
    • Cleaner with higher yield, less variety.

Constant proximity will encourage consistent tending thus maximizing yields and enjoyment. And, of course, you can fish, shop, or store to supplement your diet.


Each Sovereign Ship will incorporate rainwater collection and desalination systems to keep the freshwater tanks full.

Composting toilet systems are also available to minimize water usage, component wear, and environmental impact.


Layouts are simple, practical, and designed to maximize:

  • Structural Integrity
  • Exterior Views
  • Garden Space
  • Solar-Panel Area
  • Ergonomics

We will also work with you on the interior to suit your specific needs.


Sovereign Ships are all-electric vehicles. Their primary power sources are marine-grade solar panels.

Supplemental means of power such as wind turbines, shore charging, and backup generators can also be used.

All of those sources store power in battery banks which distribute electricity to the rest of the ship.


Electric drive trains are much simpler and require less maintenance than their combustion-driven counterparts. Kite sail systems are also added to supplement propulsion.

You can expect the latest navigation and communication systems to ensure safety and connectivity. These systems are integrated into helm stations doubling as offices for conscientious explorers.